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Self esteem is not a skill, but a characteristic, that needs stimulation to develop. Feeling good about oneself, isn’t that the most important ingredient for a happy and productive life? People who feel good and are proud of themselves achieve a lot! To name just a few related personal characteristics:

  • Enthusiasm instead of detachment
  • Joy instead of boredom
  • Positive energy instead of apathy
  • Contentment instead of jealousy
  • Receptiveness to new things instead of aversion
  • Readiness to contribute instead of feeling entitled

Montessori education has the development of a good self-esteem as a core aim. All other positive characteristics will follow. A child with a good self-image does not need competition to excel. They remain respectful of others, and at the same time exceed their own expectations!

To assist the development of a positive self-image:

  • The teachers are in tune with the child’s basic characteristics and learning styles
  • There is an environment with multi-age ranges and therefore multi-levels
  • Children are given opportunities to choose, to make decisions and to make mistakes
  • Age-appropriate limits are set which give the message that your freedom ends where someone else’s freedom begins
  • Development of self-discipline, self-will and self-direction are nurtured,
  • Age-appropriate independence is encouraged which grows competence and consequently self-confidence
  • Opportunities for being productive and responsible members of the group are brought forward
  • Respect and trust are the focal point of the relationship between the student and teacher

For more information on the different intelligences and additional skills to develop, please read the 8 Intelligences brochures: