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Becoming a good communicator starts with the fact of being allowed to express oneself. When children experience being heard, they will also learn to listen. Communication is about respect, respecting each other’s personality and respecting each other’s opinions. For intrapersonal intelligent individuals this comes automatic. But for other learning styles communicating with others can be an effort. Therefore children need safe opportunities and experiences that give them the message that they can develop this skill well and become an active member of the group.

In the Montessori class, children have the opportunity to develop into reliable and supportive team members.

  • Teachers have the child’s total development as priority
  • There is an atmosphere of collaboration and trust

  • Problem solving processes are practised

  • An emphasis on supporting each other

  • Responsibility towards each other

An environment adhering to these characteristics allows children to open up, communicate, stand their ground and know that they will continue to be respected!