• Singalong 't Savoorke 2013 Toddlers
  • Singalong 't Savoorke 2013 Toddlers

15 months to three years old

The Toddler Community is situated in the beautiful and historic ‘Savoorke’ premises – a very suitable building for small people! The programme provides an optimal environment for the very young. It offers a unique year of self-development in a tender atmosphere of professional support, respect and understanding.

During the first three years of a child’s life the children absorb the world they live in and use all experiences to construct the basis of their personality. This is a profound process, which happens unconsciously. Unfortunately, the culture we live in tells us that these children just need to be entertained.  However, an abundance of brightly coloured plastic objects that are arbitrary in purpose wastes the unique potential of the absorbent mind.

At International Montessori, adults help toddlers by providing a caring, realistic and concrete environment, completely adapted to their size and abilities. Children experience that they can actually do what ‘older people’ do; this empowers them. They experience unconsciously that they can make a contribution to the group, which gives them a feeling of being a valued member. This is one of the first steps in becoming a well functioning social being.

The child becomes what he/she lives! Hence, being actively engaged is very important. The hands are the tools of the brain. Toddlers love to touch and try! They discover the world around them and simultaneously discover their own abilities. The feeling of ‘I can do it by myself’ builds self-esteem and self worth.

The environment is completely adapted to their size and needs. This helps them to get dressed by themselves, go to the tiny toilet, eat and drink independently, choose activities, and by doing so develop to an independent human being both in action and in thinking.

Toddlers can do so much and go about it with grace and peace. The activities help towards their control of movement as well as the integration of mind and body.

Due to the intense absorption of everything that surrounds them, children thrive well in a bilingual environment. They absorb new languages, as long as the same person speaks the same language to the child and the language is offered in a concrete, child-oriented manner. In the classroom this means full-time interaction with several teachers, who speak either French or English to the child.  The teachers make eye contact and use objects and actions with the children, thus stimulating understanding in a caring and non- threatening context. Montessori education and bilingual exposure goes very well together; young children have the opportunity to become multilingual without noticing!

Parent Infant Group (0 – 1 years)
Toddler Community (15 months – 3 years)
Children’s House (3 year – 6 years)
Primary Years (6 – 11 years)
International Baccalaureate – Middel Years Programme (11 – 16 years)
International Baccalaureate – Diploma Programme (aged 16 and up)