0 to 1 years old

The Parent-Infant Community is a beautiful and serene environment where parents and babies come once a week for a 1 and a 1/2 hour session. The environment is set up with equipment and small furniture that caters to the developmental needs for babies from two months old until the child walks comfortably.

Babies observe and absorb the world around them.  They have an enormous potential ready to be developed! We see this in their acquisition of language; they can actually absorb up to five languages as long as the same person speaks the same language to the child at all times. Besides language, they also absorb the more unseen aspects of the culture they live in; values, morals and habits. A good example of the capacity of absorption is that we often see children having similar facial, gesture or walking patterns as their parents. This is not inherited, but observed.

This potential is generally not fully recognised. Information given to new parents tends to revolve around food, sleep and size. However, during the first year of life, the most intense development takes place in terms of neuro-networking. Adults can assist the development tremendously by providing an environment that is completely in tune with the abilities of the baby.

The Parent-Infant Community offers a platform where parents and their baby meet with specialists in early childhood in a beautifully prepared environment containing activities, furniture, ideas and information geared toward stimulating the baby’s optimal development.

It offers equipment for the development of all of the senses. There are also activities for eye-hand coordination, gross motor coordination, music, books and furniture for becoming independent in eating, pulling up, cruising and walking.

Additionally, presentations and discussions are organised for parents in order to obtain more information on the development of the infant during the first year of life.

Topics discussed are:
•    Advantages of moving freely
•    Creating an optimal infant-development-friendly home
•    Criteria on toys
•    What is happening in the child’s brain and how to help connect those millions of neurons
•    Independent movement and its effect on self esteem
•    Power of the absorbent mind
•    Emotional development – oneness and separateness
•    Language acquisition and second language learning
•    Assisting weaning, eating and sleeping
•    Next stages of development
•    Other topics as requested by participants

A new series of ten sessions generally starts three times per school year. The Parent-Infant group has its own space at International Montessori ‘Savoorke’ and uses this together with the adjacent ‘Parent Café’ used for the theory sessions.

An application form can be downloaded

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