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  • International-Montessori-School-Brussels-teachers
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Becoming a Montessori directress or director involves many aspects. First of all one needs to be convinced of the fact that every child is different and deserves an individualised approach. Secondly he/she needs to learn that by giving age-appropriate independence along with setting logical limits, children can develop to their utmost!

Central to the training of a Montessori directress(or) is the preparation of oneself.  This involves the unlearning of traditional teaching methods so that more successful and efficient teaching environments can be created.  These environments recognise children’s innate modes of learning.  Additionally, the teacher is presented the full-integrated curriculum that stimulates the development of all aspects of the personality.  Montessori teachers learn every detail of the complete age range, thereby being able to become flexible and adaptable to the level of each child.

International Montessori Schools Brussels

Trainings usually happen internationally. The trainee finds him or herself in another culture and looks at life from a different point of view. This open-mindedness assists in learning to see the world from a child’s point of view. Trainees are helped to see children for whom they really are and simultaneously they get very practical information, graduating with ingrained knowledge on the curriculum and strategies to help children develop skills needed for the future.

Montessori teacher training is available at ‘round the world’ training centres that are associated with the Association Montessori International in short AMI. AMI training courses are of one year’s duration, or given over three consecutive summers.  It involves an intensive programme of lectures, seminars, preparation of materials and curriculum documents, observations and practise teaching.

In order to be admitted in to the training, prospective students need to have obtained a bachelor degree. They then choose the specific age range they would like to specialise in:

  • Infant-Toddler level: 0 to 3 age range
  • Children’s House: 
3 to 6 age range
  • Primary: 
6 to 12 age range
  • Middle School: 
12 to 16 age range

For more information and current courses please contact:

Association Montessori Internationale
Koninginneweg 161

1075 CN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel:  0031-20-6798932



International Baccalaureate training

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The IB organisation provides workshops for the MYP and DP level on all subjects. Teachers who work in the MYP and DP have different education backgrounds such as a Bachelors in teaching, Montessori training, Bachelors in specific subjects, Masters in specific subjects and PhD. The International Baccalaureate follows this up with an international network of trainings.  Our teaching staff attends several IB training workshops a year.  These training courses take place internationally with our staff attending sessions in Moscow, London, Berlin, Madrid and Basel, to name a few. Additionally the IB also organises workshops for Coordinators and Administrators, thus keeping everyone well informed!

These workshop sessions allow our teachers to connect with educators from around the world and who share the same IB subject matter.  These networks allow our faculty to share resources, discuss subject content and to stay up to date with what is happening in the educational world at large. The IB also provides a support website from which each subject teacher can download materials.

For more information please visit link (under Methods and Curriculum)