• International Montessori Parent Cafe and Library
  • International Montessori Parent Cafe and Library
  • International Montessori Parent Cafe and Library

Parent Café

Cafés are places where people come together to discuss matters of importance, share theories, philosophy and exchange different points of view. The school is fortunate to offer such a cozy and intimate facility at the ‘Savoorke’ centre, called the Parent Café.

Both formal and informal activities are organised on a regular basis. One of the school’s main aims is to support parents in composing a complete picture of today’s children in all their aspects. By addressing a combination of child development theories supported by current research and supplemented with the solid Montessori philosophy, a variety of information sessions are delivered. These give parents the opportunity to understand so much more about the myriad of aspects involved with the construction of the adults of tomorrow. Often these sessions are given in the evening time, but also during daytime whilst the children attend school.

Additional activities are organised for parents to get together with interesting topics such as:

  • Summer sushi send-off!
  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Ecological Living in Belgium
  • The functioning of the EU
  • Montessori at Home
  • Taking ‘Montessori’ home for the holidays!

The Parent Library

The Parent Library is situated in the Parent Café and carries a substantial range of titles on child development. Books are divided by age groups for easy browsing. The age group categories are Infancy, Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary. Here we house books that are often referenced during our information sessions or referred to in our explanation of our work with the children. Books from the Parent Library are available to check out whenever the Parent Café is in use, which is generally during the Parent Café coffee mornings, or evening information sessions.