International Montessori School HOLIDAY CAMPS 2017

Dates and location:

First week of Summer holidays:

Monday June 26 to Friday June 30

This week is FULL…

held at International Montessori 
’Hof Kleinenberg’,
Kleinenbergstraat 97-99, 1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe.
For Primary students and their siblings
and at
‘Hof ten Berg’, Hof ten Berg 22, 1200 Woluwe-St-Lambert
For Children’s House children

Theme first week: ‘The Artist’

The theme, in both schools, is a true discovery of the world’s most famous artists and sculptures. Each day we shall research and create their life’s work using the techniques, observing the life of an artist and where they found their inspiration. Whether it be the colours of the sky or the texture of the land, each child shall take their own individual journey to create and discover their own personal styles.

Second week of summer holidays:

Monday July 3 to Friday July 7

held at International Montessori School
Rotselaerlaan 1, 3080 Tervuren.
For children aged 2 ½ to 11

This week is FULL…

Theme second week: ‘Camp Safari’

This year is a Camp Safari! Lace up your boots, fill your canteen, and take out your guidebook because we are going on a safari! The lovely ‘Rotselaerlaan’ campus is perfectly situated for young explorers to discover life in nature! Older campers will trek to Tervuren Park where different terrains of forest, swamp, ponds, and grassy knolls are teeming with life for campers to discover. Back at the school in our garden are pathways, bushes, and fertile ground for both younger and older campers to uncover life in the natural world. The campers will enjoy these activities along with many other camp projects such as craft, cooking, music, dance, and discovering new friendships!


Camp hours are from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs.


The cost is €265 per child per week and is payable upon registration. Please note that we organise the number of camp guides according to the number of children enrolled and therefore the fee is non refundable. Registrations are accepted in order of enrolment and the fee includes all materials, snacks and (cold or hot) lunch.

Download Holiday Camp sign-up sheets:

Sign up sheet 

Download Holiday Camp brochure:

Holiday camps brochure


International Montessori ‘Hof Kleinenberg is a historic farm situated on its namesake ‘mountain’, dating back to 1651. It has a large playground area and courtyard for outdoor activities and lunches. Activities are also organised in nature, into the nearby fields to take care of the ponies and work in the vegetable gardens.

International Montessori ‘Hof ten Berg’ is situated close to ‘Hof Kleinenberg’ and is another original historic farm dating back to 1750. Its walled gardens offer a secluded play area and a courtyard for games and outdoor meals.

International Montessori School Rotselaerlaanis situated in two adjacent villas with ample playground and garden facilities. Its cosy outdoor area includes a hothouse, veggie garden, chicken coop and area for outdoor games.  It is very close to Tervuren Park which is regularly used for walks, games and nature activities.


Children between the ages of 2 ½ to 11 can sign up.

The Camp Guides

The Easter camp coordinator at ‘Hof Kleinenberg’ is Caroline Redondo-Gonzalez who is a teacher in Children’s House.


The children will fill their informative, leisurely and creative days with: 

  • Arts and crafts
  • Nature walks
  • Geography, history, botany
  • Games and sports
  • Music
  • Outdoor play
  • Cooking

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