• International Montessori Schools Brussels Family Events
  • International Montessori Schools Brussels Family Events

It takes a village to raise a child!

The different Intelligences develop strongly when children find themselves surrounded by a positive and caring group. The whole school community can take this role and provide solid role models in various situations!

A child learns and develops within every encounter. The world is complex and for children to become ‘wise’ within it, they need various experiences upon which they learn to base their own decisions and actions. Since we do not live in extended family set-ups anymore, the school community can serve as one of those extensions!

Every year lots of exciting events are being organised for the classrooms, parents, and the entire family.  The events range from educational, social, and for pure entertainment!

Information evenings

Every term, series of information evenings are prepared for families to learn more about child development at large, educational research, the integrated curriculum and theory behind classroom practice. Each location prepares evenings specific to the parents of their own classes and topics that are available to all.

Some example of the different topics:

  • The eight  Intelligences
  • Character Development and the Learner Profile
  • IB Diploma Programme: Subjects and Assessment
  • Freedoms and logical limits serve the development of the child
  • Curriculum adapted to your child’s learning style
  • Introducing the world to the child – humanities
  • The integrated curriculum
  • Language acquisition of first and second languages
  • The hand s form the brain
  • Importance of the first six years of life
  • Much more!
  • International Montessori Schools Brussels Family Events

Windows into the class

It is very interesting to sometimes be ‘a fly on the wall’ and get a glimpse of what the children are doing in the class.

At school we facilitate this through different events such as ‘Cooking with Toddlers’, Singalongs, Mums and dads attending school with their children on Saturday mornings and work displays.

Our ‘Windows into the class’ events are wonderful opportunities to get a complete picture of the amount and the kind of work the children are doing. Often we hear the comment; “Oh I wish I had learned abstract topics in such a concrete, creative manner”! Families are invited to come and see the products of their child’s class, and are also very welcome to visit other age ranges! Each ‘Window into the class’ is different. It is also a great preparation for parents with children who will move to the next section, to see how and what children in the subsequent age ranges are working on.

  • International Montessori Schools Brussels Family Events
  • International Montessori Schools Brussels Family Events

Seasonal events

The Family Farm day is one of the events to which all families of International Montessori are invited. On this annual celebration, we go back to the 50’s and experience how life was then! Different interactive displays are provided by the staff and parent or community volunteers to enjoy such as: the old school, washing by hand, spinning, knitting, sewing, woodwork, flower stall and much more. The old fashioned collection of Flemish folk games will be available to everyone!

Second Hand Market
Parents and children can sell their goods on the yearly second hand market. Stallholders bring their own tables and/or little tents. The atmosphere is guaranteed!

Sint-Maarten Parade
The children learn about the Sint Maarten tradition through stories and songs and
make Sint-Maarten lanterns and biscuits at school. In the evening parents and children
take part in a night parade during which children illuminate the dark with special lamps.

Christmas market
The artisanal Christmas Market is held every year in November in ‘Savoorke’, This school is then transformed into a Christmas den with many different ‘home-made’ goods for sale. The Secondary students provide for the catering and offer their Christmas trees for Lease. New stallholders are always welcome. The proceeds go into the school’s charity account ‘Reaching Out’ and is donated to Ecole Maternelle Simandari in Burkina Faso. Together with other donations and fund raising we sponsor every year 24 students in this school.

Christmas Craft Evening
An all time favourite is the Christmas Craft evening in the Rotselaerlaan school in Tervuren. The school is ‘packed away’ for the night and a Christmas atmosphere takes over. All teachers from all school locations will provide lovely craft activities for children and parents to make. Grandparents or other relatives that have come to visit families for the festive season are invited as well.

  • International Montessori Schools Brussels Family Events

Music concerts and Theatre performances

Music and theatre is omnipresent at the school.

Young children in Children’s House and Toddler Communities love to sing and perform action songs. Every daytime is set-aside for this, sometimes with their own percussion instruments or with a music teacher or visiting parent accompanying them. Parents are invited to the regular Sing-alongs!

Every child in Primary and Middle Years Programme plays a musical instrument and learns to read notes through this instrument. We hear violin, piano and guitar every day!  With our team of passionate music staff, they are preparing music concerts for the parents.

A very interesting period of theatre is waiting for all of us every year!  The theatre productions are unique and original. The entire production is created in collaboration with classroom teachers, students and music teachers. They write the text, practice songs, make music, create props, costumes and much more! These events are so good that we like to perform several times. Therefore all Children’s House children with their mum or dad are invited to attend the general dress rehearsals. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to be the audience in a large theatre and to see what they will be involved with in the future. For the Primary students it is a great practice with an enthusiastic audience!

  • International Montessori Schools Brussels Family Events

Parent Involvement

Parents who like to be involved on a more practical level working with a group of children can do this as well. Independently the different centres organise activities revolving around the normal day-to-day routine. The possibilities vary.
In the Children’s Houses this can involve presentations of a particular culture (music, dress, food), art and craft activities or projects, excursions and little outings, or music performances.
 Such an involvement also applies to the children and students of Primary. It can take the form of regular reading practice, helping with the preparation for the yearly show time, taking small groups of children on their outings, or giving one or more guest lectures addressing a specific interest or strength.

Secondary students function more independently from their families and take public transport to their destinations; therefore less parent involvement is required with the excursions. However, should you have particular skills or interests that you would like to share please let the coordinators know. They like to know about your expertise and call upon sharing topics that fit nicely in the integrated curriculum such as intercultural presentations, cooking sessions, professional instruction, and skill sharing.

For more information on the Family events please check out our Calendar and newsletters.