International-Baccalaureate-School-Brussels Individualised Education

Every student is different. Each person has a preferred learning style. Additionally everyone has a set of specific intelligences that constitute the strengths and challenges in different areas.

Therefore an educational system cannot offer the same thing in the same way to every student. At International Montessori we know every child’s strengths and weaknesses and put different ‘ingredients’ into the learning and working environment so that each child can benefit from it.

These ingredients are related to the student’s academic level, social and emotional development, the necessary boundaries and appropriate freedoms for each specific child.  These factors in balanced combination, help students to become harmonious human beings.

At an academic level, children can attend lessons in the different subjects at different levels. The levels and subjects are discussed with the students and decided by the different subject teachers and the MYP coordinator. Occasionally, when all subject matter is covered and understanding comes easily, exceptional students with an eager study attitude can enter the DP earlier.


Individualised education does not mean ‘Follow the Child’ wherever he/she goes. It sometimes means to make it ‘difficult’ by means of appropriate limits, if this is needed to get back to the healthy track of development. It also means to give opportunities so that the student feels the trust and lives up to that.

The aim of individualised education is to help students feel good about themselves and to assist them in becoming flexible and adaptable in different situations. Additionally it assists in the development of respect for others, since this ability is immediately linked to the feeling of self worth. The development of responsibility towards self and others starts at a very young age and can make important leaps during the teenage years. It is a necessary ingredient in becoming an active and positive member of the group and society at large.

International-Baccalaureate-School-Brussels Individualised Education