In order to provide a shared ownership of the assessment process and results, the students have regular, individual consultations with the home teachers and the subject teachers.

The assessment strategy incorporates criteria known by the student on the initial start of the learning process. Students know what is expected of them, there are no surprises or unfair judgments. This helps the student to feel empowered. It helps them in becoming conscious learners, who know their strengths and challenges.

Assessment provides:

For students:

  • Clear learning expectations
  • Prompt feedback
  • Reflection on own learning style and attitude
  • Self and peer evaluation
  • Conscious learning process

For teachers:

  • A framework for planning, teaching and learning
  • A balance of formative and summative assessment
  • Data indicating individual needs of students
  • Data for evaluating teaching and learning strategies
  • A continuous process to address the objectives for all subjects
  • A balanced focus on product and process

For parents:

  • Base for Progress meetings with parents
  • Indication on child’s learning style, attitude and level.