International Baccalaureate

Authorised IB school

The International Montessori School is an authorised International Baccalaureate World School! The school offers the highly respected and internationally acknowledged


IB Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme.

Montessori education is very compatible to this world wide recognised form of secondary education. Students entering our school at a young age are in the fortunate position to complete both their primary and secondary education in an ongoing individualised and international fashion. Students are exposed to the full curriculum by specialised teachers. They work in small group settings and have a reciprocal relationship with the teachers. Classes stop at 15.30. This is followed three days a week with 45 minutes of guided homework, during which mentors are available to help the students.

Being the first school in Belgium offering the IB MYP programme, students are fully prepared to continue and finalise the two-year pre-university course, the Diploma Programme. Upon successful completion the students receive an International Baccalaureate Diploma.

International Montessori has graduates in universities around the world studying for degrees ranging from art and agriculture to business and management.

Being a World School really means helping in the development of World citizens.