Photo by Cathy Cunliffe

After graduating at MYP level in Year 5, the student can continue and enter the Diploma Programme.

This is the senior section of Secondary education and is for students aged 16 and up. These years are called Year 6 and 7. The diploma grants entry to university.

Regular information evenings are held for students and parents to become knowledgeable on the Diploma Programme so that informed decisions can be made on the type of senior Secondary education that suits the student. Students of MYP Year 5 also have meetings with their mentors in order to research and determine the choice of subjects.

The IB Diploma Programme helps students develop a positive attitude towards learning and the skills needed to assist them in higher education and life beyond. The student is nurtured in becoming a life long learner.

The IB Diploma is an accepted and highly accredited entry diploma to universities worldwide. A student who earns this diploma is more likely to attend and excel at a leading university.