Photo by Cathy Cunliffe


The admission policy is articulated to encourage the maintenance of diversity in our student body, as well as to ensure that students who are admitted to the International Montessori School can benefit from the educational provision and be successful in terms of the structured objectives for learning.

Criteria for entering into the Diploma Programme:

  • Students can enter the Diploma Programme when they have successfully completed the IB MYP.
  • The student is motivated and dedicated!
  • Students wishing to enrol need to have a good level in Language A being English or French.
  • In order for the student to choose a Language B, he/she needs to have already been exposed to second language learning.
  • In the event of students coming from another school and not having been exposed to a Language B before, the option is to study a language at beginners level (Ab Initio).
  • Students who commenced the Diploma Programme Year 6, at another IB School can transfer when the subjects they studied in their previous school are currently on offer at International Montessori.