In order to be able to contribute to society at large, a proactive individual is required.  ‘Commercialism’ hopes to create consumers, and teenagers are targeted intensely through social media. However, in order to develop a balanced individual, we believe that students need to become producers in different aspects of life. To attain this, they need a balanced environment with freedoms and logical limits and with an ‘eye’ for the individual. Simultaneously, opportunities are offered by means of the curriculum, through relationships and by obtaining real life experiences outside the classroom.

A climate is created in which students have the opportunity to:

  • Learn to respect and value self-initiated actions
  • Learn to respect and value the actions of others
  • Develop skills and attitudes that lead to taking action
  • Reflect on own functioning
  • Recognise their strengths and challenges
  • Practise in making choices and independent decisions
  • Extend the curriculum through self-initiated activities
  • Integrate knowledge through holistic education

By allowing a level of independence and self-regulation, students gain life experiences and need to make necessary related decisions. When age appropriate boundaries are set, both at home and at school, teenagers and young adolescents can learn from the consequences of their actions.

People who are empowered become happy and develop a good self-esteem. This will reflect in their interaction with others.
 Respect for self, others and the world at large can develop to a higher level at this age