Beautiful and aesthetic surroundings assist in the learning process.

A classroom does not need to be a square box with nothing more than an interactive whiteboard, tables, chairs and some posters. Beautiful surroundings give energy. Energy is what Diploma students need since they have two years of serious work ahead of them. The Diploma Programme students are situated in a large, recently renovated farmhouse and have at their disposal:

  • Large open style classroom setting
  • IT equipment: the newest fleet of iMac technology
  • Multi-functional spaces with:
    • Visual arts section: Easels, paint, clay, oven, pottery wheel, and much more
    • Performing arts area with a stage, microphones, light, sound and costumes
    • Teaching and mentoring space
  • Nature, fields and gardens
  • Space for outdoor games and sports
  • Library
  • Science Lab
  • Kitchens and catering equipment

The IB Diploma is an accepted and highly accredited entry diploma to universities worldwide. A student who earns this diploma is more likely to attend and excel at a leading university.