and privacy

4.9 EU-Data Protection-GDPR

We hereby advise families of International Montessori that International Montessori shares your personal details with the following persons inside the organisation and Third parties:

Financial Information

  • Dealt with only by staff working in the financial department:
    o In the event of overdue payments, also handled by the Head of School.
    o In the event of overdue payments coming close to the Progress report Meetings, teachers are informed as progress report meetings do not go ahead.
  • Company of parents when Standard Fees are applicable
  • Accountant
  • Tax department
  • KBC Bank

Educational and developmental records

Handled by:

  • Heads of School
  • Teachers
    o The Parent Handbook includes a chapter on Records and Reports held per child.
  • Specialists such as speech therapists when requested by parents
  • Administrative staff working at school
  • International Baccalaureate Organisation for:
    o The purpose of external assessment
    o Samples of assessed work by students can be used for IB publications and/or workshops.
  • Other schools:
    o When children move locally or internationally to a subsequent school, reports are forwarded upon request by the parents and in the event when children have been withdrawn from the International Montessori School and its subsidiaries.
  • Ministry of Education for legal registration. This includes:
    o Name of child
    o Birth date
    o Address
    o Gender
    o Belgian National Number or passport number
  • Kind en gezin for children and families of the Toddler Community. This includes above information and daily attendance.

o Address and contact Information

Further to the above, contact details are shared internally:

  • Bus drivers for those families who use the school bus.
    * The bus drivers use a school-specific phone for contacting families.
  • Head of School / Teachers / Director / Coordinators:
    * Application files for the classroom teachers include:
      o Application forms.
      o Family contact lists for contact with the specific family as required.
        – Family contact lists that are taken on:
          · Excursions
          · Sports
          · Going Out activities
      o Medical forms filled out by parents stating emergency and medical numbers per family.
      o Excursion Permission form.
      o Parent Participation form.
      o Reports of previous years/terms.
  • IB Diploma Programme coordinator and IB DP teachers:
      o Student’s phone numbers for direct contact re. academic work and/or logistics.
      o Student’s e-mail addresses.
      o Direct e-mail contact school to family happens via the school’s e-mail addresses on an individual basis and when applicable.
  • Emergency Contact Lists and role books used internally in case of an internal fire drills and externally by Fire Brigade in case of general calamity.
  • The following information is handled by staff of the school:
    * Google Classroom and Zoom for Secondary Group 2 and 3:
      o Student’s e-mail addresses
    * Padlet and Zoom during Lockdowns only:
      o E-mail addresses of parents


  • Photo Permission for Third Parties who visit the school is obtained via the blue Photo-Video Permission form.
  • Related to the updated laws, please now also find enclosed an additional Photo Permissions version made specifically for School Publications for you to sign and return to the office. Please hand this in during the month of November. In the event of parents not giving consent to the school for using their child’s photos as described, children will not feature in forthcoming publications and no photos will be taken of children to whom it is applicable. Also, photos will be removed should there be photos on the website and/or in the photo albums.
    • Please note that:
      o Families are asked to give overall consent or no consent.
      o This permission form is applicable for the duration of the child(ren’s) attendance at ‘International Montessori’. Should families wish to withdraw the consent, please advise the school in writing with a signed letter handed in to the Head of School.
    • Photos are shared of those children from whom the school receives consent. We share photos via the following channels:
      o The school’s website: photos are used on the different pages and photo albums for families are provided per topic, outing and classroom.
      o Newsflashes and newsletter
      o The 8 Intelligence folders
      o School Prospectus
      o School brochures: e.g. After School Hours, Holiday Camps, Parent Infant Group
      o Posters for noticeboards and website homepage
      o Year Calendar
      o Parent Handbook
      o MYP and DP Handbooks
      o Occasional Photo related presents made by teachers and given to families

Advertisements and secondary websites

  • Separate and individual photo permission is obtained for each photo by approaching the family and receiving a signature of one of the parents on the back of the applicable photo. This includes photos for:
    • Advertisements
    • Related websites e.g. the website of the AMI (Association Montessori International)
    • Banners
    • Photos on school busses


  • The website works with a contact page.
  • The information provided is handled by:
    • Office staff
    • Heads of School
  • The purpose of the handling is solely to provide the information requested and make appointments with those who would like one.
  • The information is not used for any other purpose.

The information is not forwarded to any Third Party.

The school does not share any details with:

  • Any other Third Party to the ones described above.
  • Other families in the school.
  • Staff members who are not involved with the above processes.

o In the event of a change in regulations or Third-Party associations, relevant families will be contacted.
o The Parent Handbook is updated on a yearly basis. When required, families can request an updated version from the Head of School.


Rotselaerlaan 1 & 3
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1200 Woluwe St. Lambert
Welcome to our website
The International Montessori School offers a thoroughly prepared and beautiful learning environment, supporting the complete development of children and students from the ages of 1 to 18. A bilingual approach together with the Montessori Pedagogy and the International Baccalaureate Secondary Section (IB MYP and DP) prepares children and young adults for life.

We focus on all aspects of the personality and help children to gain trust in themselves in order to feel confident and empowered, both within their social group, and the world at large. This, together with balance in freedoms and logical boundaries and the guideline that “your freedom ends where someone else’s freedom begins” helps children to become responsible individuals who look after themselves, their environment, and others!

We hope you enjoy our website and find useful information on the details involved in assisting towards the development of a harmonious personality.
Personalised tours are available for prospective families to see the beautiful premises and green spaces, bilingual Montessori environments and/or the multilingual IB Secondary Section in action.

The four school campuses are scattered around Brussels, Belgium. If you would like to visit one of the Woluwe locations (‘Hof ten Berg’ and/or ‘Hof Kleinenberg’), please call us at: +32 (0)2-721 21 11. For a visit to our Tervuren campuses’ (‘Savoorke’ and/or ‘Rotselaerelaan’), you can get in touch with us at: +32 (0)2-767 63 60.

Please do not hesitate to send us an email or complete the contact form should you wish to receive more information about the International Montessori School.
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